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Body And Eye Bag Size 10x20

We will commence sewing the product you select after placing your order, in accordance with the slow fashion concept. The delivery period is approximately 15-25 business days.

We focus on nature, which is why we offer fabric products in a natural, grey-beige shade , without chemical dyes. We sew the products by hand only from natural materials from European manufacturers.

Cotton threads and hemp fabric are OEKO-TEX certified .

It is a guarantee of product safety for humans and means that our materials have been tested for the presence of harmful substances.


Care: Before washing the bag, remove the seeds.

Wash at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius on a delicate program with mild detergents.



#healthy lifestyle

Healthy sleep with natural hemp products

A healthy lifestyle is one of the best methods of fighting diseases and illnesses. In India, every third house has an allergy sufferer, and polluted air and chemicals in food make allergies a civilization disease.

Natural hypoallergenic and antistatic fabrics are an excellent way to fight allergens. Hemp fibers are known for these properties, which makes hemp eye masks the best tool in allergy prevention.

The hemp fabric is antibacterial and antifungal, and its thermoregulatory and moisture absorbing properties affect the hygiene and cleanliness of the clothing products.

We offer natural hemp eye and body mask absolutely without additional chemical dyes. Hemp fabric tends to crease, which indicates the lack of toxic ingredients in the production process. Unlike many other sleeping, eye or body pads, hemp fabric does not contain harmful chemical components that can cause skin allergies and irritate the respiratory tract.

Healthy sleep is an important element of a healthy lifestyle. Hemp fiber products are safe and healthy, which makes hemp body bag a natural alternative to products made of cotton and synthetic fabrics. Thanks to its properties, our hemp eye and body mask pad will ensure a good and safe sleep.

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